Monday, December 10, 2012

Nail Art

Last week I have a nail art trend a whirl... To be safe I started with the easiest thing I saw on Pinterest, the multicolored nails look.  Pretty much you just pick a finger and paint it a different color than the rest.  Not quite "nail art" but for the sake of this post we will count it! :)

Next, I found this Coral stripe version with a great OPI nude base color. Again on Pinterest!

Feeling gutsy, and armed with my scotch tape and  $1 e.l.f. polishes from Target I went to town.  Being impatient I didn't let the base coat (Desert Haze) dry completely before I put the tape down and of course it peeled off bits when I removed it.  Round 2 I waited for the base coat to dry before taping them and it actually worked!  Good things do come to those who wait :)

 Now obviously I realize this isn't salon quality, but I don't think it qualifies as a pintrosity either.  So for this week I will enjoy my $2 home mani until I find my next pinspiration!

*top color = Fab Fuchsia from e.l.f. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Celeb Style - Navy Blazers

I'm sort of in love with blazers... No matter who is wearing them I always feel as if they pull their outfit together and make them look very polished! With that in mind I've found some celebrity inspiration and recreated their looks with our new Lucky B Navy Blazer ($48)

The Blazer : Timing-  $48

Celebrities rocking their blue blazers in a variety of ways :  Kate Moss, Rachel Bilson, Sophia Bush & Jessica Biel

Paired with a simple white V-neck and dark denim.

Add an infinity scarf for an easy afternoon look for fall. 

Kick it up a notch with a big statement necklace.

Add a printed blouse for a pop of color.  A great blazer can take those spring and summer tops straight through Fall!

Pair with a jeweled collar blouse and tulip skirt for a great work option this holiday season!

One Blazer, endless options :)  Now Available at Lucky B Boutique

The Look 4 Less - Celebrity Movie Style

I've yet to catch the movie Morning Glory with Rachel McAdams, but I have seen many pictures of her nude Fendi dress around the web.  Since most of us can't afford the pricey designer version I've put together a couple of options with our Lucky B version (which is only $88)!

First I've paired it with a cropped jacket (similar to Rachel McAdams) but in black ($38) ... Since our version is strapless I added a chunky seed bead necklace ($24).

This would be a great look for a holiday party or evening out on the town.  It would also make an adorable prom dress :)

Next, I paired the dress with a cream open knit sweater with 3/4 sleeves ($58).  Since this look is a little more girly I added a delicate antique gold bird necklace ($18). 

I think this look would be adorable paired with tights and ballerina flats.  Since the bodice of this tulle tube dress is fitted, you can pair any cropped sweaters or even a belted cardigan for Fall.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday Hair & Makeup

Loving these celebs hair and makeup for the holidays...

Whether you prefer sleek straight hair like Mila or the simple top knot bun perfected by LC and Rosie, there are a ton of options this season!  With just as many makeup trends it's hard to decide which way to go.  

I'm currently loving a smokey eye with bronzes and taupe's and a simple lip ... or a heavy handed cat eye paired with a bright matte lip! 


Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Attire

 Mickey & Jenny - gold shimmer cowl neck blouse : $78

Moon - black double knit riding pants : $68

Xanadu - silver and rose gold watch : $36

Geranium - gold arrow bracelet : $28

Black and gold stud wrap bracelet : $14

Gold leaf bracelet : $14

All available at Lucky B Boutique :)

*Shoes Fioni

Monday, June 4, 2012

What I'm wearing ~ Nautical

Want to catch the wave of nautical themed clothing this summer AND be eco friendly?  Well we have you covered!

Just in from Amour Vert we have super cute summer tops and dresses in Organic Cotton. OC maintains the soft and classic feel of cotton without using any toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.  Conventional cotton uses 10% of the world's pesticides and 25% of all insecticides!

Not only does Amour Vert use OC it also uses a unique blend of the most sustainable fabrics available and only use low impact and vegetable based dyes.  Their designs are made to reduce waste in production as well!! 

Oh and did I mention everything is made in the US?  :)

OC Amour Vert Claudia Wrap Cardigan Navy/White ~ $88
White basic cami ~ $14

OC Amour Vert Allison Oversized V-Neck White / Red  ~ $58
paired with Sanctuary Clothing Scout shorts in Grotto ~ $62 , White faux leather tote ~ $28  and red shades ~ $14

 OC Amour Vert Mary Maxi Tube Dress in White / Navy Stripes ~ $88

OC Amour Vert Christina High / Low Dress in White / Navy Stripes ~ $88

Once again I've remade a maxi dress into a maxi skirt so I can achieve the length needed to not look like I'm preparing for another Broad Ripple flood! :)  Instead of refashioning the bodice, I just covered it with a wrap belt.... 

Heading to the coast or sticking to the mid-west, the Nautical theme is back for summer and with brands like Amour Vert and Sanctuary you can rest assured they will be ready for their come back next year as well!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What I'm wearing ~ More colors!

It's official, I'm addicted to color!  Once reserved for blouses and dresses, bottoms are now having their day in the sun. 

LB recently received a shipment of 5 new colored skinnies (Teal (Shown below) Red, Dark Coral, Royal Blue and Navy).  Paired with a Michelle Sheer Knit Top ($36) a teal polka dot tube top and a pair of Silver sandals that I scored BOGO for $7 at Rack Room Shoes!!

As the weather heats up, I've given my legs a break from hibernation in Rhubarb Catch Shorts by Sanctuary!  Paired with a navy striped top and my Toms knock offs ($10 BOGO at Payless) I feel ready for a day of sailing... Anyone have a boat?

PS: These photos are super compressed! I feel like I'm in a fun house mirror! Boooo!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Indianapolis Monthly ~ Shop Talk

This month Lucky B is featured in Indianapolis Monthly's Shop Talk section with a little article written by Leslie Bailey...  She has a really fun blog under ....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What I'm Wearing ~ BRIGHTS!

Today = storms and gloom ... frowns :(  

So I felt the need to wear brights and patterns to cheer things up a little!!  Today I'm wearing this graphic print dress by Ark & Co. ~ $48 ... I turned the belt around so the bow is in the back.

I paired it with my new 9 West flats in bright tangerine! Plus a Jessica Simpson purse that brings out the turquoise in the dress.   We just got these great aviators in ($14) ... They came in handy for the 10 minutes of sunshine on my drive in this morning. :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

What I'm Wearing ~ High Waist Jeans / Blazer

I can finally fit in my high waist jeans again! Fitting into your "skinny jeans" is always a fantastic feeling :)  Today I paired them with a green open back blouse and cuffed blazer w/ grey heals.

Friday, April 27, 2012

What I'm Wearing ~ Skinnies & Stripes

I know I already professed my love for these pants, but I'll reiterate... I <3 Colored Skinnies!! 

Today I paired them with a stretchy Navy striped tank and a blue cardi that has a delicate trim (but that is hard to see in the pic)  Also, no outfit is complete without a mess of bracelets, bangles and a watch or two! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

What I'm wearing ~ Bright Skinnies

I have been on a hunt for the perfect colored skinny jean/pant for about 5 weeks now!  I've tried them everywhere (including the pricey ones at Saks!) to no avail.

Yesterday we received a shipment of  Iris Coral Skinnies and to my surprise they were perfect!  These are Jr. sized so you have to go up a size (or 2-3) but if you can get past the number on the tag, you will be smitten as well!  They have the perfect amount of stretch and don't do that awkward cling to your butt in a funny way thing that I've found tends to happen with colored skinny jeans! 

Right now this coral color is our only option, but I'm hoping to order them in Jade, Red, Royal and Navy next week... If you have any other color suggestions you are interested in seeing please let me know!

PS:  They are only $36  (so you could get 5 different colors for the price of 1 pair of the pricey ones!!)

What I'm wearing ~ Maxi Skirts

 Any other tall ladies out there?  I'm 5'10 so finding a maxi dress or skirt is all but impossible.  This skirt was once a strapless maxi (until I shrunk it in the wash :( ) 

Anyway, I really wanted that long flowing look so I cut the bust out of the dress at the seam and just pulled it down to hip level!  WaLaa! A long maxi skirt!!