Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lovable V-Day Nail Art


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and what better way to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit then with a fresh new manicure? From complicated to simple, nail art can be a fun way to express your holiday style.

Don’t want to go to a salon to get your nails done? Here are some fairly simple designs to try at home. Get your friends together and have a fun nail night to get everyone in the mood for Valentine’s Day!


 Looking for some more complicated designs? Here are some ideas to bring with you on your next trip to the nail salon.


Friday, January 30, 2015

28 Blog Post Ideas

If your New Year’s resolution was to be more creative, February is the perfect time to get the ball rolling! 
February has a little bit of everything: a holiday, new trends, new merchandise in store and online, and more. Here’s 28 blog post ideas, one for every day this month, to spark your creativity!

  1. Favorite buys for the month
  2. Recreate a celebrity or designer look
  3. Things that are coming back into style
  4. Update on a classic style
  5. New arrivals in store
  6. Deal of the day/Upcoming sales
  7. Outfit of the month
  8. How to style
  9. Fashion advice to younger self
  10. Holiday gift guide
  11. How to dress for your body type/flatter your body
  12. Best colors/patterns to wear in season
  13. Holiday fashion checklists
  14. Mini lookbook
  15. DIY tutorials (eyebrows, lipstick, contouring, nail designs)
  16. The importance of basic staples in your wardrobe
  17. What your morning makeup routine is
  18. What is on your wishlist
  19. What to wear on days off
  20. Style inspiration
  21. Product reviews
  22. Top items for sale
  23. Shopping tips
  24. A day in the life post
  25. Beauty/fashion blunders; what beauty or fashion advice would you give your younger self
  26. Go-to/favorite hairstyles
  27. Blogging tips
  28. Appreciation to your top supporters

**Video blogs about the above posts are also a good idea!