Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Jackets

It's official! The warm weather is over and Fall's chilly days are here.  Time to find the perfect jacket to compliment your style.

Wether you want to toughen up your style in a leather jacket (Fuax of course!) like Emma Watson or Rachel Blisen....Or keep it sweet and simple a la Amanda Peet in a neutral Toggle style, Lucky B has you covered! 

    Toggle Jacket / $72 (Sizes S - M - L - XL ) Faux Leather Jacket w/ removable hoodie inset = $58

Don't forget that EVERYTHING is 10% OFF through the end of October!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Very Productive Day!

Got an early start (or early for Matt & I)... All but 1 rack is up and 90% of my inventory is hung up or unwrapped.

Found a great deal on a rug for the dressing room and a cute new lighting fixture... Next step is to hang the hooks and add a little something more to the fitting room.

Lastly, we took down all of the window coverings so people passing by could see in!  Since it was so gorgeous out today there were lots of potential customers out and about! =)


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hanging, Hanging, Hanging!

8 More boxes of shipment came in last night so I have been hanging things up left and right!  The Grand Opening sign will be going up shortly... Not looking forward to getting up on the roof though!

Hope you enjoy the pix of a few of the dresses!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

9 Days to go...

Spent all day at the store yesterday.  Painting is complete!  ADT is installing security today so that I can begin setting up my inventory!

I set up most of the POS system yesterday.  Today I will need to run through more of the training so I can begin to enter inventory into the system and print out barcodes.

I also need to....  Order the Grand Opening sign, order the awning, print discount cards to had out for the GO, hang the racks, find a table for the front of the store, finish the window decor, clean and figure out how / who will put up the hanging racks for me!!  Good thing I had an early start today...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

16 Days .... But it's mine!

I am quite possibly the happiest person ever right now.  The only more exciting thing I could imagine would be my wedding day and the birth of my children (hoping that the latter is still but a gleam in my eye)...  Anyway... I signed my lease!   Kate, the owner/ landlord, is probably the sweetest person ever!  I love when someone can share in the overall happiness, and she seemed truly happy for me which was very awesome!!

My little lamb Lija was there for the fun, and to help me move in some of the railings and bars that will be put up to hold the racks.  It was very surreal, and I didn't want to leave.  But of course, celebratory drinks were needed! Oh and $1 tacos at Brothers (YUM!).

Tomorrow I will be trying to finalize the rest of my orders from wholesalers, order shopping bags and hangers oh and to switch the utilities into my name.  I feel that work will be even harder than usual (if that is possible) because all I want to do is set up my decor items and situate things.  I still have to attend the IHLA Under 30 event at Tastings tomorrow (not that I'm complaining about $10 in free wine tastings), but I think I'll be spending the rest of the evening setting up what I have so far!

It's starting to come together!  So glad to get to a part of this process that depends solely on my efforts and not the discretion of bankers, realtors, etc...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

17 Days to go...

Okay, so today is the day I have to tell my boss I'm leaving...  FML ... I'm not particularly happy about this because I have no idea how he will react.  I'm hoping since I'm starting a business and not leaving for another hotel that he will not hate me forever... We shall see!

On a happier note, last night I was able to order my business cards and a small order of 5x7 postcards to advertise the private shopping events.  I also ordered 2000 hang tags... I'm going to save roughly $800 by punching them and tying the ribbons myself.  It will be a big undertaking to hand make them all, but I think it's worth it!  If anyone is feeling particularly crafty this week, let me know, I can definitely use the help!!

Lastly, I'm hoping good ole Walter will get me the final lease today so I can send it to Sarah to look over.  Goal is to have keys by tomorrow!  I'm tired of driving around with tons of wall mount racks in my car, plus I need to measure and get this thing going ASAP! 

Oh yea, and I took the first draw on my loan today!!! Eeek!

Monday, October 3, 2011

So much to do in so little time! 18 days to go...

So this is my first official blog for Lucky B Boutique!  I am patiently awaiting the first draw on my small business loan as well as the final copy of my lease so I can get the keys! 

There is so much to be done over the next 18 days!  Luckily I have everything ready to go, it's just a matter of purchasing the items and making the final decisions on what is needed now and what can wait.  It is a little nerve racking to order the first round of inventory off line.  I'm hoping that the reviews of each manufacturer are accurate.  Also, I need my hang tags ASAP.  They said 10-15 business days.  Ten days will be just fine, 15 days will not work.  For the extra $150 in rush/overnight fee's it better be here in 10 days...

Right now I think I'm most nervous about leaving my current job...  Telling my boss does not sound very appealing at this point....  Wish me luck!!