Monday, March 30, 2015

Sexy has nothing to do with a dress size

What size is considered plus size?

There have been a lot of issues surrounding the stigma of “plus size” models; we need to set some things straight right now.
The average American woman wears a size 14. Plus size models start at size six. Therefore, most “plus size” models are still smaller than the American average.
        Now, do not get me wrong, I am not trying to skinny-shame anyone here. I’m also not trying to say the average size describes every woman ever. I am just trying to say the fashion world needs to rethink some things. And to do that, we need to get real.
        This is perhaps the realest thing I have and will ever say- I am a size 12. Since I was 10, my size has fluctuated anywhere from an 8 to a 14. That makes me a “plus size” for the latter 11 years of my life. 11 years, more than half of my life. That includes my formative years, when media can most affect how I view myself.
According to the National Institute of Health, formative years, or adolescence, occurs between the ages of 10 and 19. That’s nine of my 11 years as a “plus size” woman.
Now that we have that out there, time to move on. So, we’ve already said that 14 is the average American size. Want to hear something weird? According to an article on the subject from, “In fact, size 14 is among the least purchased sizes out there for many manufacturers. So it seems that being a size 14 and buying a size 14 are in fact two very different things.”
This brings us back to what really counts as being plus size? According to media, plus size is above a size six, and actual sizes are not true to size, so you really have no clue what your true size is.
Well, according to me, the world just needs to drop the whole plus size thing. And I am not the only one that thinks that.
Women come in all different shapes and sizes, and this should just add to their uniqueness, not be frowned upon. We spend too much time fat-shaming, and skinny-shaming for that matter, to pay attention to anything else.
Flowers don’t pay attention to other flowers while they are growing. They focus on staying healthy and blossoming, nothing else. And you know what, at the end of the day, each flower is beautiful. We do not say one flower is “fat” or “skinny” just because it is different.
And women should not refer to other women like that. Or anyone at all.
So I’m proposing a challenge: Forget about “plus size,” forget about the words “fat” or “skinny.”
What I want you to do is look in the mirror. That’s it. Take a long, hard look in the mirror. If any negative stigma surrounding body size didn’t exist, would you think of yourself as beautiful? If so, stay confident and don’t let the media or other people tell you what to think about yourself. If not, figure out what you have to do to see yourself as beautiful, and do it.
We all have the right, and deserve, to be beautiful.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Easy Ponytail!

 Easy Messy Ponytail!


Need a cute hairstyle for a busy morning or simply just looking for a new hairstyle? Here’s a cute and easy natural looking ponytail tutorial for you to try! 

     1. Divide your hair into three parts. Take the middle bunch of hair to make a medium height ponytail.

     2. Take your side hair to the back of your head, and tie it over the middle ponytail, creating a “mini” ponytail.

     3. Take the “mini” ponytail from step 2, and flip it from the bottom to top, making a twisty look.


4. Make a little space between the middle ponytail from step one. Take the twisted “mini” ponytail though the space between the middle ponytail, and tighten the middle ponytail so it’s not loose.  

    5. Do you notice the end of the “mini” ponytail dangling? Take that end of hair and wrap it around the middle ponytail’s hair tie, and pin it so it won’t fall apart.


   6. Fix any parts of your hair that you need to, and wallah! Now  you have mastered a natural looking ponytail!



By curling your hair beforehand, you can get a messy, flowy looking style. If you’re looking for something more classy and elegant looking, try straightening your hair before creating this ponytail look! 
Ponytails are great for helping to make your neckline standout, which are a perfect match with our strapless rompers, jumpsuits, and maxi dresses! 
Tell us what you think by trying this hairstyle with your favorite LuckyB outfit! 

Model: Haruka Satake 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

What’s old is new again. Emerging as a trend last year, rompers have now taken a huge section of the clothing industry. For those of you wanting to dip your toes into the confidence and freedom a romper can give you, here are a couple different styles you can choose from.

Casual: This romper is perfect for strolling around shopping with your girlfriends or meeting your parents for lunch. This style should be somewhat conservative, and is perfect for running errands. They are still not appropriate for work, but maybe this would be boarder-lining acceptable for casual Friday.

Date Night: Ok ladies. Along with multiple things we love, floppy hats and bright lipstick included, your man may not buy into this trend just yet. Something about a “playsuit” reminds him of daycare. Make the date night romper sexy by playing with necklines, back detail, and heels. 

Girls Night Out: This is the time to experiment with that crazy-awesome print or embellished romper. Your girls will support you in your fashion-defying outfits any day. Go wild ladies.  

Beach/Festivals/Soul Searching: This is the romper for the inner hippie, beach lovin’ goddess in each of us. You can spot these flowy, lace and crochet-detailed rompers at festivals and the beach. They are more of a cover-up than an actual outfit. Rock them with wide brimmed hats and heart-shaped sunglasses.   

Here at  Lucky B we have a couple of different styles to choose from. Come shop in-store or online today!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Finding the Perfect Maxi Dress

Finding the Perfect Maxi Dress 

The bright sunny weather of summer is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time for dresses. Maxi’s are comfy and beautiful, but sometimes it’s a struggle finding the perfect one that really flatters your body. 
Here is some advice for all body types, particularly for petites and plus size women.   


If you’re short, like me, you might be hesitant about trying on maxi dresses, because you’re pretty sure a maxi dress will make you look even shorter… Despite that, with some of these tips below, you can rock a maxi style. 

Remember to pick a dress that’s no longer than your ankles. Anything longer can overwhelm your body, looking like you’re buried in your dress. Besides, it’s harder to walk with a long hem, unless you wear heals.  

Pick a fitted dress over a loose one. A flowy maxi is elegant and stunning, but it can make you look wider than you really are. A fitted dress with a defined waist line is the most flattering for a petite body type. 

V-neck lines are great for someone who is petite, since allows the eyes to draw attention to your upper body. On the other hand, strapless or spaghetti straps are less ideal, since it can make the upper body look wider, providing a short and boxy look.  

Solid colors have a slimming effect, which makes a petite look taller. Don’t be afraid to try prints though! Tiny prints are preferable compared to larger options as to not overwhelm the frame.  

Plus Size 
Similar to petites, it’s better to wear fitted dresses over a flowy maxi dress. Maxi dresses with undefined lines can look shapeless so be sure to find a dress with a fitted or adjustable tie at the waist to define those beautiful curves. 

Wide straps are recommended, since it flatters the body by making the width of your shoulders look narrower. Also, large straps can provide that extra support if you’re busty. However, try to avoid spaghetti straps, since a body frame tends to look squared without lines.  

Again, solid colors are ideal for a maxi dress, since it has a slimming effect. Also, have some fun with bold prints! Bold prints draw the focus away from any imperfections and have an overall flattering affect on all body types. 

Accessories are also great because you can mix up your basics and get more looks out of a smaller clothing collection! Having a statement neckless can focus the eyes on the upper body (just like V-necks or large straps). Adding a belt around your waist defines the body line, allowing you to show off the curves that you have. 

Maxi dresses are now available in store and at
Come stope by and pick your favorite dress to wear on a bright sunny weather!