Friday, May 31, 2013

Night Moves Look Book

Clothing & Accessories : Lucky B Boutique
Photography : Dana Smessaert  & Lauren Huffine
Makeup : Beth Gastineau - B.Divine Makeup
Hair : Kayla - Ado Salon in Broad Ripple
Styling : Jillian Hahn & Kylee Klink
Shoes provided by Blush Shoetique
Special thanks to the Red Room in Broad Ripple for use of their space!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013


There's something so gritty about graffiti. It seems to breathe off the bricks, indicative of the vitality of the urban community - that enthralling, primal underworld that pulsates when the sleepy mainstream has gone to bed. 

The edgy commemoration of urbana provided a stirring backdrop for our sprightly, new summer pieces. Our girl-next-door knock-out stood in perfect contrast with the embellished street art. 

See some of our looks from the shoot below: 




A Graphic Ode to Summer

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Photo courtesy of

So much for that diet... 

On the bright side, there's nothing like summer fashion...

Chambray Polka Dot DressPolka Dot Tulip Skirt
               Aztec Print Dress    Coral & Cream Striped Tunic              Antique Floral Skater Dress                 Primrose Dress

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Blooper Reel


Models are often lauded as being graceful beings. They strut onto runways and flounce across green screens in a fusillade of long torsos and lean legs like a corporal manifesto of beauty. 

Reality check. 

Whereas the comeliness of these "chosen" women is unequivocal, they are, contrary to popular belief, human beings. And they, like the rest of us, have their moments. Here we present our models in all of their candid glory. Warning: the following images may not be suitable for those deficient of a sense of humor. 

   There you have it. Stay real, ladies! 


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hung up on you: Summer Look-book: 1

Clothing & Accessories : Lucky B Boutique
Model : Kylee K. w/ Lmodelz Management 
Photographer :  Dana Smessaert
Stylist : Jillian Hahn

*For further contact info please email Brandi [at] 

Monday, May 20, 2013


There is a popular adage in circulation that blondes both do and have it better – whatever “it” is, I’m not sure – but mainstream society has the tendency to look at them and swoon. “Oh, to be beautiful and blonde”!

Yet there is a dark side to being the all-American beauty, a concealed hardship more blush-inducing than debilitating but a drawback nonetheless…

As if they had sensors for flaxen hair and long legs, podgy middle-aged bicyclists and “hole-y”, circa 1978 Travolta teens tend to flock in your presence. 

Photo courtesy of 
Not exactly the sort of characters you want on your radar.   

So, here’s to you, Kylee. Two hours of “Can I get a photo with you?” and wolfish grins from semi-stalky bicyclists and grungy teenage boys and you managed to gracefully volley the barrage of attention while still looking fabulous.

Fierce is an understatement

To James Gatz, With Love #onthego

The Great Gatsby is one of the few classics whose timelessness I respected.  As a literary connoisseur (it was on my high school syllabus), I found F. Scott Fitzgerald’s twist on the hackneyed star-crossed lovers’ trope tenderly human and heart-wrenchingly realistic. Yet it is Fitzgerald’s assay of the roaring ’20s that I want to invoke. Addressing the decadence of the era, Fitzgerald muralized (yes—muralized, I adapted the phrase because none other would do his brand of illustration justice) the garish and opulence of the people, the parties, and most importantly, the attire.

As a nod to the phrase “oldie-but-goodie”, we honor the Gatsbian style, most summarily described as “sophisticated sumptuousness”!  

Here we have an antique floral skater dress with a flirty cut-out in the back and a bit of an anachronous hem, leading down to strappy mint heels. 

Golden bangles add attitude! 

Finish off with retro sunglasses...

And a chunky necklace...

And you are ready for the times!