Friday, February 27, 2015

All About Nails!

 All About Nails!
Fashion starts from your fingertips. Just having your favorite nail polish can brighten your day and make you happy! (well, at least for me)

But…don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a mani or pedi? Well, here are some secret tips to have amazing nails without having to go to the salon!

Masking Tape
Masking tape’s a great tool to use when creating abstract designs or french nails. You can simply put a piece of tape over your finger and paint nail polish over it. Here are some unique design ideas using masking tape. 

  1.  Fold a piece of masking tape in to half

  2.  Cut out half a heart

  3.  Unfold the heart, and apply it on your nail

  4.  Apply a coat of nail polish

  5.  After the nail dries, gently remove the heart from your nail using a tweezer

  6.  Trace the outside of the heart with a darker shade of manicure using a toothpick

  7.  You’ll have girly nails like the photo on the left!

1.  Select your favorite masking tape

2.  Cut two large rectangles and two small squares

3.  Cut out two large square sheer matte masking tape

4.  Apply the two colored masking tape so that the corner tips are touching

5.  Apply the sheer square masking tape on the middle of your finger

6.  Apply a coat of top coat

7.  Enjoy your vivid color nails like the photo on the right!

   1.  Cut out a square piece of tape

   2.  Apply super glue on the surface of the piece of tape from step 1

   3.  Using a pair of tweezers, carefully lay down your choice of beads

   4.  After the beads dry, lay the tape on your nails

   5.  Apply top coat


If you don’t have any masking tape available, you can create your own “masking tape” by painting nail polish on the surface of a piece of tape, and cutting out desired shapes. 
Here are a couple of secret tips to make your nail painting at home a little more easier! 

 Quick Dry
No more hassle drying your nails by blowing on your nails hard! After you apply nail polish, let your fingers dry for about 2~3 minutes. Then soak your fingers into a bowl of ice water for about 3 minutes.

Matte Nail Polish
Oh no… Wanting matte nails but don't have any coast? Try mixing a pinch of cornstarch with a clear top coat. This will provide the same finish as matte nail polish!

Removing Nail Polish
Here's another way to utilize your empty mason jars!

   1.  Squeeze two rectangular sponges in an empty jar.

   2.  Make sure there’s enough room to stick a finger in!

   3.  Soak the sponges with nail polish remover. 

Whenever you want to remove nail polish, just put your finger in the jar!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

A letter to my younger self-

Most of us have made mistakes in the past, ones we wish we could take back. Especially having to do with fashion, but c’est la vie. (Meaning “that’s life” in the language of love.)
If you could write a letter to yourself, with fashion advice, what would it say?
Every letter would be unique.
Mine would read a little something like this:

Dear Younger, and slightly less fashionista, Me-
I know you think those polos are the hippest thing, and, trust me when I say this, they are not. They may look good on others, but they make you look like boxy, and you have a beautiful figure, no matter what you think. If you take nothing else away from this, take those polos… All the way to the garbage can... And then burn them.
Now that I have that off my chest, on to more important things: the way you dress now will affect how people see you for a while. I know mom says clothes do not matter, but they do. Take it from Coco Chanel, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”
If you do not know how to do that, ask dad, he actually has a pretty decent fashion sense. Take caution though, there is a limit to that sense, do not cross the line of tulle.

Here is a list of advice to get you by when you really need it:
  1. It is okay to have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. You just have to be creative, and look to Pinterest for inspiration.
  2. You are going to have bad hair days– that is what hats, headbands and hair-braids were created for.
  3. With your long legs, boots will be your new best friend.
  4. Invest in some nice jewelry. You wear a size 8 in rings. Hint. Hint.
  5. Burgundy is a great color on your ivory skin, whether it is a scarf, booties or lipstick. All of which you own now and wish you owned then.
  6. Always wear a jacket. Even if it does not COMPLETELY match your outfit, it is better to be warm then sick. Been there, done that.
  7. Keep up with the latest fashion trends.  They may not all be for you, but you are more than welcome to try them out and find your fav.
  8. Regardless of what you probably currently think, it is a good think you do not wear the same size as your friends. Just take my word for that one and you will see what I mean when the time comes.

Finally, I know it is hard to make fashion decisions on your own, but you have great instincts, follow your heart. Do not be afraid to make fashion blunders, because I know you will. Just own them and never do them again. Oh, and, just to reiterate, burn every last polo.

Love, You. Love you. xoxo

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Perfect Carry-On

The Perfect Carry-On

The Perfect Carry-On

As if February did not have enough pressure on itself from Valentine’s Day it also marks the month where procrastinating Spring Breakers everywhere actually start preparing for their upcoming adventures.  From passports, to flying or driving, making to-do list upon to-do list, and communication with your closest friends that turns into a stock floor on Wall Street, we are all a little on edge.

Regardless of whether you’re in the air or packed in a car, a carry-on bag becomes essential for not only your trip, but for your sanity. We’ve prepared a list of must-have items below.

1.       Books/magazines
2.      Headphones
3.      Phone/tablet (w/Chargers)
4.      Passport & Proper ID’s
5.      Wallet
6.      Keys
7.      Snacks & Water bottle
8.     Gum/Mints 
9.      Girl survival kit (bobby pins, hair brush, tampons, makeup remover pads, nail polish remover pads, safety pins, first aid)
10.    Dry shampoo
11.     Chapstick
12.    Sunglasses
13.    Eye mask/flight pillow
14.    Comfortable shoes
15.    Medicine

Now that that’s settled come into Lucky B Boutique to find that perfect Spring Break outfit (or outfits).

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Aid Through Trade bracelets

These bright and fun bracelets are each carefully handcrafted by women artists in Nepal. Aid Through Trade Bracelets are unique in the way that purchases from the bracelets provide women with a fair income and benefits! Also, the business provides a safe and healthy working environment, which isn’t common for women in Nepal. 

The Roll-On® bracelets offered at Lucky B Boutique are the signature bracelets of Aid Through Trade, offered in nearly 360 different colors. The color combinations are expertly created by designers and executed with quality beads. Since they are offered in such a wide range of colors, there are so many different ways you can wear the bracelets by mixing and matching! Have some fun with these beads, while supporting women in Nepal.

The Roll-On® bracelets are offered at the following price:

Buy 1 = $18
Buy 2 = $15 each
Buy 3 = $12 each
Buy 4 = $10 each


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Achieve Your Best Brows

This year the beauty world put a huge emphasis on having perfect eyebrows. Eyes may be the window to the soul but eyebrows are the curtains. Girls with bushy eyebrows, this is your time to shine, because big, bold, brows have never been more in. If you weren’t blessed with thick eyebrows, don’t fret, that’s what eyebrow pencils were made for.
Of course every face shape has a different eyebrow style that will look best, so we put together a simple guide to help you achieve the best brows possible.


Oval Face Shape
If you have an oval face shape, then consider yourself lucky. The goal of any look is to make the face appear as oval as possible and you already have that going for you. Oval faces should keep a soft angled eyebrow to maintain their ideal face shape, too much of an angle in your eyebrows will make your face appear longer then it is.

Long Face Shape
If you have a long face shape than your face is longer then it is wide and your chin may be pointy. Straight eyebrows with only a slight curve are going to be the best bet for this face shape. Having a flatter eyebrow is going to make your face appear shorter than it really is.


Heart Shaped Face
If you have a heart shaped face then your forehead is the widest part of your face and your chin is very pointy. The goal with this face shape is to soften your chin and balance out your forehead. The best eyebrows for this face shaped will be bold, low arched eyebrows. This will add length instead of width to the forehead and will balance out your strong chin.


Diamond Face Shape  
If you have a diamond face shape than your face is very angular and your temples are going to be the widest part of your face. The goal for this face shape is to make your face seem less angular and your temple area less wide. To achieve this you will want to curve your eyebrows. Curved eyebrows will soften the angles on your face and make it appear less wide.


Square Face Shape
If you have a square face then your forehead and cheeks are the same width but your jawline is going to be very strong and angular. The goal for square faces is to soften your jawline. Start with a simple curved eyebrow and then pluck it into a more angled shape. The more prominent your jawline is, the more angled your eyebrows should be.


Round Face Shape
If you have a round face shape than your face is almost as long as it is wide and your cheeks are the widest part of your face.  The goal for this face shape is to make your face appear longer. To do this you should avoid rounded eyebrows and instead opt for more angled brows that will create vertical lines to give your face more of an oval look.