Sunday, June 2, 2013

Indy 500 Fashion

If you're a denizen of Indianapolis, IN, you know when it's race week.
The azure May sky clouds over as racecars belch exhaust fumes. Smog hangs above the track like tire swings over a marshy lake. The pungent aroma of Budwei--er, Americana lades the air.
RVs and F-150s congest the streets as corn-fed race enthusiasts snail in from Middle of Nowhere, USA. Locals flock too in a parade of Hoosier pride.
And if there was any doubt about whether or not the fans are proud to be American, Indy 500 definitely brings out the patriotism in everyone---maybe not so far as following politics, but hey, repping red, white and blue has to count for something, right? Good enough for me.

Check out some of the Indy 500 fashion below:

"The bosom of America is open" - George Washington 

Nothing says "American girl" like a little midriff!

Miller Lite. Keeping it classy. 

It's all fun and games until the pledge comes on. 

Three reasons The Guess Who lost their minds 

There you have it! Just a taste of Indy 500 fashion. Here's two videos for your enjoyment as well, the latter is for if you missed the "American Woman" reference.

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