Friday, January 23, 2015

This season, understated brights, pale pastels, and neutral colors are the focus, with bold colors used to support those colors.

Here are the ten trendy colors for Spring and Summer 2015, that you must add to your wardrobe!

1.   Aquamarine 

Aquamarine is one of the lead colors for this spring season. This watery color is refreshing and acts as a stress reducer. The denim on denim style of coordinating a lighter color denim (aquamarine) with a darker denim is also a cute way to start off Spring!


    2.   Scuba Blue 
         Even though scuba blue is considered a cool color, this blue will for sure brighten your closet with a sense of the tropical ocean.   

3.   Lucite® Green 
         This minty color is cool and refreshing, casting a breezy image. It’s a perfect color to wear in the warm weather. A lucite® green dress is perfect for going out on a picnic with your friends, family, or significant other. 

4.   Classic Blue 

 Classic blue gives the sense of a calmness, elegance, and confidence. It’s a color that easily morphs from casual to office, and into evening.  

5.   Toasted Almond 

This neutral color provides a warm fuzzy feeling, balancing out the cool tones of the Spring 2015 colors. Toasted almond is fashionable to wear as a base, coordinating with brighter colors. 

6.   Strawberry Ice 
         This flattering color is not too bright, but not too subtle. Strawberry ice is the perfect pink for this season, and is flattering on most skin tones.  

7.   Custard 

         As the name of this color suggests, this creamy yellow is sweet and soft. Custard can be used as a statement or an accent in an ensemble. It is also a color that brings cheerfulness and happiness. 

8.   Marsala 
        This interesting earthly color between wine and brown is both rich and warm. Marsala suits many skin tones, and is also popular for cosmetics this spring season. 

9.   Tangerine 
         Another color that is powerful but not overwhelming. Tangerine orange is a fun color that can stand on its own, or complimented by other colors and patterns.

10.  Glacier Gray 
        Although more trendy for men this year, glacier gray is another color gaining attention. Since this grey is both quiet and calm, the color is easy to implement in various outfits. It is also recommended to use when emphasizing other colors. 

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