Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Indy Welcomes All T-Shirt DIY

 Indy Welcomes All  T-Shirt Reconstruction

        This last month, Indianapolis hosted the NCAA Men’s Division Final Four and the end of Division 1 men’s basketball championship. Indianapolis is known to host a variety of conventions, special events, and sporting events. This year, “Indy Welcomes All” shirts, created by Indy Hub, were passed out to many local businesses prior to the games. The simple message on the shirts is an effort to repair Indianapolis’s image after the religious freedom law began a heated debate, and catapulted Indiana into national news. This campaign will last much longer than the Final Four, and aims to restore Indianapolis’s image of hospitality and openness to all types of people. According to Jessica Higdon, with the Indy Chamber, this bill will cost "Indiana businesses around one billion dollars in loses of revenue from business and tourism" (WTHR).

        Being a women’s fashion boutique, we decided to make the T-shirts have a more fashionable cut. Enter: Scissors and some elbow grease. Intern Sarah and I decided to create a crop-top, a T-back workout shirt, and an off-the-shoulder look. This is what we came up with!

Off the shoulder shirt:

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