Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WCW: Beyoncé

Okay, so this #WCW is totally obvious. Everybody loves Beyoncé, but we're about to breakdown why Beyoncé is just so popular.

Beyoncé is a total goddess. She's gorgeous and has the most beautiful hair, but more importantly she is also one of the most talented women in the world. Beyoncé is one of the most prominent women in the entertainment world and she has completely paved her own path to success. She is the winner of TWENTY Grammy awards making her the woman with the second most amount of Grammys in history.

Beyoncé is strong voice for women empowerment. She shows women, through her music, that it is alright to flaunt their sexuality. As one of the highest paid women in the world, Beyoncé still works for the equality of men and women in the work force, as well as in every other aspect of equality. She says that she has empathy for the struggles that both men and women go through, which totally embodies the most important aspect of feminism.

On top of everything else, Beyoncé seems to have the most normal family life. Her little family is totally adorable and more important to her than anything else. We love that Beyoncé is so family oriented. She has a strong love for her husband and she is leading a great example for her baby girl.

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