Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Braids Galore

You know that feeling you get when you leave the salon? Your hair feels perfect and you think to yourself, "if only I could make my hair look this great every day, what's her trick?!"

This summer the fabulous Whitney Toll, a hair stylist at Sabai Salon in Broad Ripple helped our team style one of our editorial shoots.

We love braids and Whitney made it look so easy! She shared some tips and tricks with us to make your braids look like you just left the salon.

Tips from Whitney on braids
  • put a little pomade on your fingers to keep your braid smooth and in tact as you are working
  • you can use a pomade with shine or without depending on the look you are going for
  • parting and sectioning off your hair before you start braiding will give you much cleaner results
  • One of the tricks I used on the braid I did the other day for the shoot (pictured above) - I did a regular French braid but instead of bringing all of the hair into the inside of the braid I did an "outside braid" I made the braid look larger by using a rat tail comb to pull the edges of the braid out- this adds slit of texture and is great for fine hair so that the braid doesn't look too skinny
Here are some quick tutorials!

Fishtail braid:
Mermaid braid:
Crown braid:

For our local ladies, you can set up an appointment with Whitney at (317) 652-9101

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