Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Become "A La Modé" With Moda Luxe Handbags

Have you been searching for the all-around perfect handbag that is stylish yet perfect for your everyday needs?  Do you seek a look that is runway-inspired and affordable?  If that’s the case, then Moda Luxe handbags are the ones you’ve been looking for!
 Moda Luxe handbags are designed with the everyday woman in mind.  The purses come in various sizes, colors and textures that are trendy and functional.  Lucky B Boutique is currently carrying Moda Luxe handbags in many different colors and styles that are perfect for this fall season!

The Lily:  This bag features a gorgeous weaving detail, zippered pockets on the side and dual handles.  This bag is perfect if you’re looking to downsize without losing a drop of style and convenience!

The Dandelion:  This bag represents a very class shape with an ultra modern look.  It comes in many various colors that are great for the upcoming fall season! The bag’s front flap also doubles as an extra compartment to help you keep things organized.

The Fremont:  This bag features a beautiful textured finish with a wrap-around zipper and dual handles.  The Fremont offers plenty of room & storage while making the perfect compliment to any outfit!

The Halle: Get ready for all of the compliments you’ll get with this bag!  The Halle features zipper detail and a multitude of outside pockets to store all of your need-to-get-to essentials.  This bag is a great size and comes in many gorgeous fall colors.

All of these bags are currently available in store at our new location!  Come in today and discover which Moda Luxe handbag is the one you've been searching for and meets your everyday needs!

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