Thursday, July 2, 2015

5 Ways to Wear Summer Scarves

1.  Front Tie Knot: Give your long pattern scarf a new look by tying it vertically down with a knot in the middle. Pair one of our simple maxi dresses for a more formal style.

2. Neck Bustle: Go for a more sophisticated look doing a neck bustle by knotting the ends of your scarf and wrapping it to fit closely around your neck. Pair with one of our simple tanks and jeans for a casual summer look. 

3. Shall: For a chillier evening use your scarf as a shall. Pair with one of our more formal dresses for an evening out to keep warm without having to wear a sweater. 

4. Loop Tie: For an everyday, simple look do a loop tie by folding your scarf in half twice and looping the end through the hole. Pair with one of our simple tanks and pattern skirts for a cute summer day. 

5. Triangle Tie: For an edgier look use the triangle tie by folding your scarf into a square and connecting the corners to form a triangle. Tie both ends behind your neck so that the triangle hangs down in the front. Pair with our pattern shorts and a simple blazer for an edgy day look. 

Photography: Mackenzie Loosemore
Makeup: Summer Cox
Models: Kassidy & Taylor

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