Monday, July 6, 2015

How to Wear Floral Print

            Floral print is the perfect way to brighten up your wardrobe during the spring and summer months. There is also more to florals than just pink, girly, flower patterns slapped onto a piece of fabric. They can look extremely mature and chic if you pick the correct pattern and color palette as well as great corresponding accessories.
            First, find a floral print that you are comfortable and confident wearing. There are hundreds of types of prints so it can be difficult to find something that you like.  I always start by deciding if I want a more busy, detailed pattern or a simple, bold one.  This will help to divide and conquer your options.  If you like detailed floral prints, try to keep the colors to a minimum. Too many colors in an already busy print can look messy and juvenile.  If you opt for a more simple print, having multiple colors won’t look as busy or distracting!
            Styling floral print is our next task. My general rule of thumb is to pick one piece of your outfit to be floral print, whether it’s your jacket, pants, top, or shoes. As for the other elements of your look, keep it neutral. This way, the floral print will stand out and be a statement piece, and the rest of your outfit will look will look mature and tasteful. (Pairing a floral button down with a simple, stylish blazer and slacks is a great way to wear floral print to the office, too!)
            As for accessories, again, keep it simple. A large statement necklace with multiple colors and textures can be distracting. If you keep jewelry and other accessories simple and to a minimum, it will complement the floral print and not look overdone.
            Don’t be intimidated by florals; keep other elements of your look neutral, simple, and classic, and you will have a mature, sophisticated ensemble.    

Photography: Mackenzie Loosemore
Makeup: Summer Cox
Model: MacKenzie
Clothing: LuckyB Boutique

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