Monday, May 20, 2013

Pretty in....Polka Dot?


The most epiphanic moment in life comes at the intersection between the static of your own body and the electrifying cling of an article of clothing. There’s just something about the moment you get your hands on a piece of fabric. It’s as if a sort of braille is embedded in the very textiles, a stitched system of language that is simultaneously ineffable and yet perfectly lucid from the moment your fingers traipse the material – and in that moment, you know exactly whether you love it or hate it.

Even after I saw Minnie Mouse flounce across my first—appallingly antenna-toting—television set in her polka dot mini-skirt, I never felt that electric connection to polka dots.  The pattern read, to me, like a nostalgic arrangement that would have been better left to the mice and mammies of the ‘50s.

But recently, I have been converted. And this skirt (available in store) is my savior – the exclusive piece that brought me to the light.

Move over Minnie. This polka dot tulip skirt, with its coquettish split, is a redemptive update to the pattern. Paired with a cute tee and a studded purse (both available in store) and you have a “va-va-vooom” look for the summer, simultaneously casual and coy. 

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