Monday, May 20, 2013

To James Gatz, With Love #onthego

The Great Gatsby is one of the few classics whose timelessness I respected.  As a literary connoisseur (it was on my high school syllabus), I found F. Scott Fitzgerald’s twist on the hackneyed star-crossed lovers’ trope tenderly human and heart-wrenchingly realistic. Yet it is Fitzgerald’s assay of the roaring ’20s that I want to invoke. Addressing the decadence of the era, Fitzgerald muralized (yes—muralized, I adapted the phrase because none other would do his brand of illustration justice) the garish and opulence of the people, the parties, and most importantly, the attire.

As a nod to the phrase “oldie-but-goodie”, we honor the Gatsbian style, most summarily described as “sophisticated sumptuousness”!  

Here we have an antique floral skater dress with a flirty cut-out in the back and a bit of an anachronous hem, leading down to strappy mint heels. 

Golden bangles add attitude! 

Finish off with retro sunglasses...

And a chunky necklace...

And you are ready for the times! 

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