Monday, May 20, 2013


There is a popular adage in circulation that blondes both do and have it better – whatever “it” is, I’m not sure – but mainstream society has the tendency to look at them and swoon. “Oh, to be beautiful and blonde”!

Yet there is a dark side to being the all-American beauty, a concealed hardship more blush-inducing than debilitating but a drawback nonetheless…

As if they had sensors for flaxen hair and long legs, podgy middle-aged bicyclists and “hole-y”, circa 1978 Travolta teens tend to flock in your presence. 

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Not exactly the sort of characters you want on your radar.   

So, here’s to you, Kylee. Two hours of “Can I get a photo with you?” and wolfish grins from semi-stalky bicyclists and grungy teenage boys and you managed to gracefully volley the barrage of attention while still looking fabulous.

Fierce is an understatement

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