Thursday, March 26, 2015

What’s old is new again. Emerging as a trend last year, rompers have now taken a huge section of the clothing industry. For those of you wanting to dip your toes into the confidence and freedom a romper can give you, here are a couple different styles you can choose from.

Casual: This romper is perfect for strolling around shopping with your girlfriends or meeting your parents for lunch. This style should be somewhat conservative, and is perfect for running errands. They are still not appropriate for work, but maybe this would be boarder-lining acceptable for casual Friday.

Date Night: Ok ladies. Along with multiple things we love, floppy hats and bright lipstick included, your man may not buy into this trend just yet. Something about a “playsuit” reminds him of daycare. Make the date night romper sexy by playing with necklines, back detail, and heels. 

Girls Night Out: This is the time to experiment with that crazy-awesome print or embellished romper. Your girls will support you in your fashion-defying outfits any day. Go wild ladies.  

Beach/Festivals/Soul Searching: This is the romper for the inner hippie, beach lovin’ goddess in each of us. You can spot these flowy, lace and crochet-detailed rompers at festivals and the beach. They are more of a cover-up than an actual outfit. Rock them with wide brimmed hats and heart-shaped sunglasses.   

Here at  Lucky B we have a couple of different styles to choose from. Come shop in-store or online today!

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