Friday, March 27, 2015

Easy Ponytail!

 Easy Messy Ponytail!


Need a cute hairstyle for a busy morning or simply just looking for a new hairstyle? Here’s a cute and easy natural looking ponytail tutorial for you to try! 

     1. Divide your hair into three parts. Take the middle bunch of hair to make a medium height ponytail.

     2. Take your side hair to the back of your head, and tie it over the middle ponytail, creating a “mini” ponytail.

     3. Take the “mini” ponytail from step 2, and flip it from the bottom to top, making a twisty look.


4. Make a little space between the middle ponytail from step one. Take the twisted “mini” ponytail though the space between the middle ponytail, and tighten the middle ponytail so it’s not loose.  

    5. Do you notice the end of the “mini” ponytail dangling? Take that end of hair and wrap it around the middle ponytail’s hair tie, and pin it so it won’t fall apart.


   6. Fix any parts of your hair that you need to, and wallah! Now  you have mastered a natural looking ponytail!



By curling your hair beforehand, you can get a messy, flowy looking style. If you’re looking for something more classy and elegant looking, try straightening your hair before creating this ponytail look! 
Ponytails are great for helping to make your neckline standout, which are a perfect match with our strapless rompers, jumpsuits, and maxi dresses! 
Tell us what you think by trying this hairstyle with your favorite LuckyB outfit! 

Model: Haruka Satake 

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