Friday, March 6, 2015

Two-Tone Pearl Nails

A couple blog posts ago, I wrote a blog about some tips when doing your nails. So, this time when I did my nails, I decided to try using some tips that I found, and created this fun and girly two-tone look.

What I did

1.  I filed my nails to a box shape
2.  After filing and putting on hand cream (it’s healthier for your nails to moisturize), I applied a coat of baby pink polish
3.  After the first coat of nail polish dries, I gently laid a piece of masking tape on my fingernails
4.  I painted a beige polish over my nails, and removed the masking tape carefully after the nail polish dried
5.  Using a toothpick, I drew a straight line across the split of the two manicures with a thicker consistency of glitter nail polish  
6.  After the glitter nail polish dried, I used a tiny bit of super glue to attach a bead on the middle of my finger

What I Learned  

When you’re using masking tape, make sure the first coat of nail polish is COMPLETELY dry before applying it. I learned that the hard way when I peeled off the masking tape and saw my nail polish got smudged… 
Also, toothpicks were a wonderful tool to work with, when I needed to remove any excess nail polish on the side. I was able to utilize a toothpick for tiny details too, making my nails look a little more like they were professionally done.

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