Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WCW: Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is not just a royal, public figure but also a style and fashion icon. She has strayed from the royal normalcy of fashion by wearing affordable designers and even wearing an outfit more than once. As if we didn’t love the Duchess already, making her style accessible to non-royals has made her even more likeable. People feel like they can really relate to her on a deeper level since she has made a part of her personal life, her fashion, available to us. 
             In terms of fashion, the thing that Kate is best known for is “recycling” her wardrobe. Unlike most of her predecessors, the Duchess actually wears an outfit more than once.  For example, Kate was spotted wearing the same light pink, Emilia Wickstead, pleated dress on two different occasions. With different shoes and accessories, no one would even notice that it was the same dress! (Until a side by side photo on the Internet surfaces.)
            The Duchess is also a fan of purchasing designer clothing that doesn’t break the bank. One of my favorites is a Somerset by Alice Temperley, black, sail boat print, dress. Kate wore this ensemble to an 1851 Trust and Ben Ainslie Racing event in February 2015. The nautical inspired dress comes in at about $150, which is extremely affordable compared to designer pieces that the royals would usually dawn.
            Kate is starting a fashion revolution by showing the public that to have great fashion does not mean that you have to have millions of dollars. Simple, classic, and affordable pieces can be paired together to create a stunning yet budget conscious wardrobe.

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