Monday, June 1, 2015

Be Black and White Without Being Boring:

            Textures are a big role in playing up a black and white outfit. Be bold by pairing two textures. A mesh lined collar on a basic black jumpsuit ups the style factor.  You can also add texture via accessories which can be seen in our Black Lasercut Heels with a touch of gold on the buckle.  Adding a variety of textures within a monochrome look helps to keep the eye moving and create break up points in the look. 


      Adding prints goes a long way with black and white. Look cool with graphic styles, play around with polka dots, keep it simple with stripes or floral with flowers. Whatever you do you can guarantee a stylish outfit by adding prints to your black and white outfit. By doing this you can still get creative with your look while keeping it classic with black and white. 

            To conclude your black and white look, accessories with a bold white necklace, some strappy black sandals, a pattern scarf or a black and white bag. If you have yet to add pattern or texture to your monotone outfit this is your chance. Even a great pair of bold sunglasses or a fun hat can spice up your look.

"Women think of all colours, except the absence of colour. Black has it all. White, too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony. –Coco Chanel 

Shop : Black Tank

    Makeup Artist :  Summer Cox
Photographer : Mackenzie Loosemore
Model : Rachel B.
Clothing & Accessories : Lucky B Boutique

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