Saturday, May 30, 2015

How to Wear: Stripes

Ladies, stripes are all year round fashion, they key is to wear the kind of stripes that flatter! Here is a key to how to wearing stripes based on your body’s shape: 

Apple: Vertical stripes are your friend! They elongate your shape and darker stripes with contrasting colors adds more depth to your body. If you want a less heavy look wear thin stripes instead.

Hourglass: You can do no wrong when it comes to stripes! Just ensure your stripes are going in the same direction for a clean look.
Botticelli: Wear diagonal stripes in order to flatter your hourglass figure. And if you really want to accentuate a certain area where you love your curves do so by wearing horizontal stripes around that area.

Pear: Focus creating stripes on the upper body! With thick stripes on top your shoulders will appear broader and thinner. And to make your hips and butt look slimmer wear vertical stripes on the bottom.

Petite: Where horizontal stripes give you a flat look, vertical stripes give you height even without heels.

Slender: To give yourself an hourglass figure go for thick horizontal stripes in the the places you want to look curvy. Possibly wear a horizontal stripe shirt and use a thick belt. Use a combo of different kinds of stripes for instant curviness!


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