Thursday, February 26, 2015

A letter to my younger self-

Most of us have made mistakes in the past, ones we wish we could take back. Especially having to do with fashion, but c’est la vie. (Meaning “that’s life” in the language of love.)
If you could write a letter to yourself, with fashion advice, what would it say?
Every letter would be unique.
Mine would read a little something like this:

Dear Younger, and slightly less fashionista, Me-
I know you think those polos are the hippest thing, and, trust me when I say this, they are not. They may look good on others, but they make you look like boxy, and you have a beautiful figure, no matter what you think. If you take nothing else away from this, take those polos… All the way to the garbage can... And then burn them.
Now that I have that off my chest, on to more important things: the way you dress now will affect how people see you for a while. I know mom says clothes do not matter, but they do. Take it from Coco Chanel, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”
If you do not know how to do that, ask dad, he actually has a pretty decent fashion sense. Take caution though, there is a limit to that sense, do not cross the line of tulle.

Here is a list of advice to get you by when you really need it:
  1. It is okay to have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. You just have to be creative, and look to Pinterest for inspiration.
  2. You are going to have bad hair days– that is what hats, headbands and hair-braids were created for.
  3. With your long legs, boots will be your new best friend.
  4. Invest in some nice jewelry. You wear a size 8 in rings. Hint. Hint.
  5. Burgundy is a great color on your ivory skin, whether it is a scarf, booties or lipstick. All of which you own now and wish you owned then.
  6. Always wear a jacket. Even if it does not COMPLETELY match your outfit, it is better to be warm then sick. Been there, done that.
  7. Keep up with the latest fashion trends.  They may not all be for you, but you are more than welcome to try them out and find your fav.
  8. Regardless of what you probably currently think, it is a good think you do not wear the same size as your friends. Just take my word for that one and you will see what I mean when the time comes.

Finally, I know it is hard to make fashion decisions on your own, but you have great instincts, follow your heart. Do not be afraid to make fashion blunders, because I know you will. Just own them and never do them again. Oh, and, just to reiterate, burn every last polo.

Love, You. Love you. xoxo

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