Thursday, February 5, 2015

Embrace Your Shape

Fashion is not about wearing that "What's Hot" piece, it is about dressing for your shape, and feeling comfortable no matter what the current trend.
No matter the shape, always remember: you are beautiful. You do not need to camouflage any part of your body, you need to accentuate it.
There are more types than the five highlighted here, but most bodies draw from elements in each of these basics.

The Hour Glass Figure:
With a slim waist, and curvy hips, your larger-busted figure is the epitome of old-school feminine charm. The delicate balance of the hourglass is between showing off your curves and not showing too much. The key to styling for you? Simplicity.
  • First off, printed and draped fabrics are not for you; they disguise your frame. Your waist is your centerpiece, literally and figuratively, so find ways to accentuate it. Belted jackets and simple tops should be your go-tos: think peplum, crop, and princess styles and seams. When it comes to your lower half, feel free to rock those bootleg jeans that others maybe cannot pull off as well. Pencil skirts also help to flatter your curvy, not-wide, hips.

The Apple Figure:
Calling this a circle body shape does you no justice. Your slender shoulders and lean legs, along with your booty-liscious backside, give way to your elegant and graceful glamour. A lot of gals out there feel the need to hide under slouchy sweaters, but the allure of your body lies in showing off your neckline and forearms–oh, and letting a little leg show never hurt anybody either.
  • You need a little more structure with your wardrobe, and you can find that in the fabrics you choose. The heavier fabrics, like wool or heavy cotton, will provide that for you. However, when it comes to patterns, structure can be tossed out the window. The bigger the pattern, the better; go floral or go home, (not really, geometric and other large prints do the trick too). A flowy top and structured jacket paired with a lower-rise, straight-leg pant or a high-waisted circle skirt will show off all that your figure has to offer. Ruching and draping fabrics will always be in style for your body. Add a heel and you have yourself the perfect look!

The Pear Figure:
(Known as The Triangle Figure to some)
Who wants to be defined as a triangle? You have more than three points, so we are going to stick to the pear. From your trim waist, down to head-turning hips, followed by your shapely legs, you embody the new-definition of beauty and give a new meaning to feminine allure.
  • With this contour, it may be your first instinct to show off your slender upper-body with tiny tops. This will just emphasize your booty and make your bottom look bigger than it is. You need to remember to stay simple with your pants and skirts, and add a little more complexity to your top half with light layers. A slightly-flared, medium-rise pant or an a-line dress or skirt will work wonders for you. Top off your look with an open-neck cardigan or Jackie O. inspired cropped jacket.

The Inverted Triangle Figure:
(Which I like to refer to as "The Busty Beauty Figure")
Again, I am not so much a fan of implying that any shape is pointy, so all the busty beauties out there, this is for you. You bring a confident polish to any room you saunter into with your tapered torso, trim waist, and killer legs. The pitfall with your shape is that you want to show off what your momma gave you, but you also need to add volume to your lower half.
  • In order to add that desired volume to match the fullness of your upper body, you should start from the bottom. A rule of thumb for you beauties is to begin by choosing a wide-leg pant, long skirt, or another bottom that emphasizes your lower bod. From there, move on to a top with a deeper neckline and draped fabric or fluttered sleeves. Oh, and keep in mind how well a drop-waist dress looks on you… Just throwing that out there.

The Athletic Figure:
Also known as a ruler figure, your all-around slender body is the easiest to outfit. Stay away from those fitted tops though, ladies. Rule of thumb: your clothing should soften your body and help create curves. Even though you are blessed with one of the easiest figures to dress, there are still a few guidelines to help you look even better.
  • The first guideline is to stick to asymmetrical and rounded hemlines. Your go-to tops should include halters, boat necks, and off-the-shoulders. Ruffles, and other girly details, will bring the softness. The second guideline is to pick bottoms that will add both curves and volume to your lower body. High-waist and wide-leg pants look amazing. However, to aim for a more masculine shape sport a nice boyfriend jean. For a more lady-like vibe, try a wrap-dress to draw angles and lines across the body.

Tips compiled from here and here.

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