Friday, February 27, 2015

All About Nails!

 All About Nails!
Fashion starts from your fingertips. Just having your favorite nail polish can brighten your day and make you happy! (well, at least for me)

But…don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a mani or pedi? Well, here are some secret tips to have amazing nails without having to go to the salon!

Masking Tape
Masking tape’s a great tool to use when creating abstract designs or french nails. You can simply put a piece of tape over your finger and paint nail polish over it. Here are some unique design ideas using masking tape. 

  1.  Fold a piece of masking tape in to half

  2.  Cut out half a heart

  3.  Unfold the heart, and apply it on your nail

  4.  Apply a coat of nail polish

  5.  After the nail dries, gently remove the heart from your nail using a tweezer

  6.  Trace the outside of the heart with a darker shade of manicure using a toothpick

  7.  You’ll have girly nails like the photo on the left!

1.  Select your favorite masking tape

2.  Cut two large rectangles and two small squares

3.  Cut out two large square sheer matte masking tape

4.  Apply the two colored masking tape so that the corner tips are touching

5.  Apply the sheer square masking tape on the middle of your finger

6.  Apply a coat of top coat

7.  Enjoy your vivid color nails like the photo on the right!

   1.  Cut out a square piece of tape

   2.  Apply super glue on the surface of the piece of tape from step 1

   3.  Using a pair of tweezers, carefully lay down your choice of beads

   4.  After the beads dry, lay the tape on your nails

   5.  Apply top coat


If you don’t have any masking tape available, you can create your own “masking tape” by painting nail polish on the surface of a piece of tape, and cutting out desired shapes. 
Here are a couple of secret tips to make your nail painting at home a little more easier! 

 Quick Dry
No more hassle drying your nails by blowing on your nails hard! After you apply nail polish, let your fingers dry for about 2~3 minutes. Then soak your fingers into a bowl of ice water for about 3 minutes.

Matte Nail Polish
Oh no… Wanting matte nails but don't have any coast? Try mixing a pinch of cornstarch with a clear top coat. This will provide the same finish as matte nail polish!

Removing Nail Polish
Here's another way to utilize your empty mason jars!

   1.  Squeeze two rectangular sponges in an empty jar.

   2.  Make sure there’s enough room to stick a finger in!

   3.  Soak the sponges with nail polish remover. 

Whenever you want to remove nail polish, just put your finger in the jar!

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