Monday, February 23, 2015

The Perfect Carry-On

The Perfect Carry-On

The Perfect Carry-On

As if February did not have enough pressure on itself from Valentine’s Day it also marks the month where procrastinating Spring Breakers everywhere actually start preparing for their upcoming adventures.  From passports, to flying or driving, making to-do list upon to-do list, and communication with your closest friends that turns into a stock floor on Wall Street, we are all a little on edge.

Regardless of whether you’re in the air or packed in a car, a carry-on bag becomes essential for not only your trip, but for your sanity. We’ve prepared a list of must-have items below.

1.       Books/magazines
2.      Headphones
3.      Phone/tablet (w/Chargers)
4.      Passport & Proper ID’s
5.      Wallet
6.      Keys
7.      Snacks & Water bottle
8.     Gum/Mints 
9.      Girl survival kit (bobby pins, hair brush, tampons, makeup remover pads, nail polish remover pads, safety pins, first aid)
10.    Dry shampoo
11.     Chapstick
12.    Sunglasses
13.    Eye mask/flight pillow
14.    Comfortable shoes
15.    Medicine

Now that that’s settled come into Lucky B Boutique to find that perfect Spring Break outfit (or outfits).

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