Sunday, February 8, 2015

Spring Clean Your Closet

Hello Everyone, my name is Kate and I ….. am clothing addict. I can no longer close my closet doors, I can no longer find what I want to wear without twenty minutes of searching, in fact I can no longer recall where or why I bought half the clothes that are in my closet.
With spring almost here, I have decided that my spring cleaning project will be to clean out my jam-packed closet. Here are some of the tips I’m using to figure out which clothes I really need and which ones should go.
1.       Start with all your hangers facing the same way, when you put an article of clothing back, put it in with the hanger facing the opposite direction. Clothes that are still facing the original way after one year should be sold or donated.
2.       If it doesn’t fit anymore, get rid of it!! Even if you plan on losing weight it may not fit the same as it used to since your body is constantly changing. Plus you put all that work into losing weight, you should Treat Yo’ Self and get new clothes that make you feel great!
3.       It’s a trendy piece whose time has passed. We are all susceptible to trends, but fashion is a cruel world and trends come and go. If it was a trendy piece that is no longer in style it doesn’t need to be taking up room in your closet anymore.
4.       You always thiiiiink about wearing it, but never actually do. This is one of the hardest pieces to get rid of. You may love it but it’s not doing you any good just sitting in your closet never being worn. If you haven’t found a reason to wear it after a year, get rid of it.
5.       If you saw this piece in a store right now, would you buy it? If you wouldn’t then there is a very good chance that you should be getting rid of it.
Cleaning out your closet can be a very difficult and emotionally draining experience (your clothes are like your babies and you just love them all so much!!!) but  I believe in you! Plus once you have some room in your closet you can fill it back up with all of Lucky B Boutique’s awesome and adorable new styles!

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